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Technical Seminars

Programming and Software Development technologies are constantly evolving. Companies have to do a great effort to keep their technical personnel up to date in computer technologies.

In response to this Industry need, we offer one-day seminars of specific, advanced topics related to programming.

Programmers and Software Developers without a great amount of experience benefit from this training to improve their skills, and even experienced personnel may benefit from these seminars, as they often skip details and techniques in their way to becoming expert programmers or developers.

We are currently offering the following seminars:

  • C++ Standard Template Library (STL)
  • Advanced STL and Standard C++ Library
  • Exception Handling in C++
  • Memory Allocation Techniques in C++
  • Development of CGI Applications
  • Introduction to Linux Programming in C/C++
  • Introduction to GUI Programming in Linux
  • Object Oriented Tools in Visual Basic.
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