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Online Exams

Companies recruiting professionals for programming or software development positions can greatly benefit from these Internet-based programming exams.

This Internet application running on our Linux server allows companies to evaluate the real skills in programming with truly effective online exams.

Among the main advantages of this system over most computer-based exams and certifications systems are:

  • Human Resources departments can do a pre-screening on the technical capabilities of the candidates without consuming valuable time of highly skilled professionals from technical departments of the company.

  • Combines questions of single-choice, multiple-choice, fill in the blank, and programming tasks.

  • Programming tasks questions ask the examinee to solve specific programming problems. The answer to the question is not a choice among several possibilities, or even the result of analyzing the code presented. Instead, the examinee must submit actual code that will be compiled and executed by the server application, and graded using several input values, verifying the output against the expected (correct) output.

    We believe that this is a state-of-the-art computer-based examination technology.

  • The grading mechanism is highly effective and comprehensive. Each question has a correct answer and may have several partially correct answers, with partial grades, depending on the importance of the mistake, and the specific skill being evaluated.

  • The grading scheme for code questions is even more effective: the submitted code is compiled by the server. If the code contains errors, the examinee is notified, and they will have a few extra chances to submit the fixed code (that's how it works in real-life programming!). If the code is fine, the compiled application is executed by the server several times, with different input values. This allows to evaluate not only the basic programming skills, but related skills such as capabilities to handle exceptional situations for a given algorithm.

  • The feedback given to your Human Resources department is very precise and valuable. The system takes into account not only the overall final grade, but the specific points where the examinee failed; this is done considering both the categories of the questions (i.e., the specific sub-topic of the question), and the type of mistake the examinee made.

For a demo of how the system works, click here. If you are a technical person, enter User ID "technical guest" and password "t-demo". If you are not a technical person, you can still see a demo, but you may not be able to appreciate some of the most important features of the system. Enter User ID "non-technical guest" and password "nt-demo".

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